Benefit & Effect


Benefit & Effect

Before treatment, we want to let you know that one hundred years ago our air contained 32% oxygen,
today only remains 19% oxygen because of the air pollution and the elimination of trees o our planet.

The greatest value of massage therapy is the restoration of circulation carrying oxygen to the cells. Degenerative disease lives without oxygen.
Every time we do massage therapy to a client we make it harder for disease to live in them. Ever person needs bodywork.

Massage therapy is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.


Massage Therapy

Therapy is a part of Traditional Chinese medicine which dates back to 2500 BC. According to Traditional Oriental medicine, “Qi” is the essence of life. When “Qi” flows freely in a person’s body the person is in good health. At Healthy Massage, our Massage Therapists use hand techniques to manipulate the various acupressure points and meridian lines throughout the patient’s body in order to stimulate and balance “Qi” in the patient.

Having massage Therapy Treatments on a regular basis can help to improve your immune system and keep you in top form. We also work to relieve numerous symptoms which include stress, insomnia, poor digestion, menstrual discomfort and muscle pains due to sport injury of car-accident. Massage can reduced pain. And reduced stress.

We Also Do Foot Reflexology

Herbal Foot Bath & Foot Reflexology Treatment is the precious heritage of the Traditional oriental medicine. There are sayings from the classical medical materials: Foot is similar to the root of the tree, the tree dies from the root, and human ages from the foot.

According to modern medical science, the human organs were reflected at the bottom of his feet. If something goes wrong with any organs, it will be reflected at certain parts at the bottom of his feet. To identify and “Massage” these sick spots can generate surprised results.

We have formulated special Chinese Herbs for feet bathing. First the patient’s feet are soaked into the herbal water, After feet bathing for some time, the “Massage” of the bottom of patient’s feet is to stimulate the reflective parts of human’s organ on it. And to speed the blood circulation.

“Massage” of patient’s feet could lead to great comfort, and the stress will be greatly relieved, This method is also helpful in the treatment of hypertension, insomnia and disability.

We have many professional “Massage” experts, and we are glad to provide you with the best service.